Program 3

Improving The Income And Economic Inclusion Of Young People

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Re-engaging youth on the path to progress

Youth unemployment and income inequality
are major obstacles to human development.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) estimates that 25% of Morocco’s unfulfilled human development potential is due to income inequalities. This is mainly the result of high youth unemployment (27%) and one million people in underemployment. Improving the inclusion of young people will have a direct impact on their living conditions and those of their families.

To meet these challenges, the INDH will focus on three areas :


Contribute to developing youth employability through better matching of qualifications to labor market needs

The System

Establish a framework for coordination between various stakeholders, particularly at the provincial level


Foster the development of innovative projects and contribute to their financing

Successful economic integration of youth: a major development challenge

The INDH aims to contribute to addressing the challenge of economic inclusion of youth through an integrated approach that seeks to improve their employability, create value at the local level and ensure the sustainability of projects.

Youth Employability

Meeting the challenge of youth employability

Youth unemployment is one of the main obstacles to human development. According to the High Planning Commission (HCP), the unemployment rate is particularly high among young people (27% nationally). 

The INDH will contribute, alongside other actors, to meeting the challenge of youth.

The INDH will contribute, alongside other actors, to meeting the challenge of youth employability by acting in three main areas :

Identification and centralization of methods, tools and services

Guidance, training and placement of unemployed youth

Soft skills development for students and unemployed youth

Value creation at the local level

Fostering value creation at the local level

To create more jobs and generate more added value at the local level, the INDH will contribute to identifying and supporting promising sectors.

To this end, close collaboration between public, private and civil society players is essential, particularly at the local level. 

In this respect, the INDH intends to do its part by working towards three objectives :

Promoting a value chain approach

Establishing a local governance framework to foster convergence

Management of a project bank to facilitate project support

Pérennité des TPMEs

Securing the viability of VSMEs to create sustainable value

VSMEs (very small, small and medium-sized enterprises) are the source of a large number of new jobs in Morocco. These businesses face a number of difficulties which hinder their development or sometimes even put them in jeopardy. 

These difficulties are generally due to poor management practices, complex administrative procedures or difficult access to markets.

Addressing these obstacles requires better support for entrepreneurs from business creation onwards and throughout their life cycle.

Identification and centralization of support on offer to entrepreneurs

Support to VSMEs throughout their life cycle: incubation of new SMEs, support for existing SMEs, ex-post support

Contribution to the financing of VSMEs